Policies and Bylaw

Part Five - Reserve Information and Planned Outcomes for Reserves

Part Five contains information and policy that is specific to individual reserves.  They are ordered alphabetically.

The online version of Volume II (Part Five) in the Reserve Finder has links to interactive maps, to assist with searching.  Particularly complex reserves are supplemented with additional maps showing different zones.

A         Reserve Information

Fundamental information is provided on the legal reserve name, size, classification and District Plan zoning of individual reserves, along with any easements or licences applying to the reserve.

This is supplemented by information on:

  • the heritage values of the reserve (including any Heritage Register references or commemorative features present),
  • the natural values of the reserve (including descriptions and references to any significant vegetation sites),
  • the recreation values and uses of the reserve,
  • other values or uses of the reserve, such as utility values for stormwater management, value as a connection between streets, or amenity landscape values.

It should be noted that although the policy in previous reserve management plans has been superceded by this Plan, the older plans listed below are still a useful source of information about some reserves, as they gather a great deal of additional background material about the reserve into one place (eg. detailed species and threats lists, and the local and administrative history of the reserve).  They are available online, through the Council website's Reserve Management Plans page:

  • Aotea Lagoon Management Plan 1994;
  • Golden Gate Esplanade Reserves Management Plan 2002;
  • Karehana Bay Scenic Reserve Management Plan 2001;
  • Ngatitoa Domain Recreation Reserve Management Plan 2005;
  • Porirua Scenic Reserve Management Plan 1994;
  • Porirua Park and Environs Management Plan 1992.


B         Reserve Outcomes

Specific outcomes have been planned for reserves, based on the values of each reserve, consistent with the purposes for which it is held, which need to be preserved and protected.

The planned outcomes form the basis of both the general and specific reserve policies in Part Two.  The ultimate purpose of the policies is to achieve the planned outcomes across the range of reserves.

The outcomes planned for reserves combine management of natural resources, historic and cultural heritage values, recreational opportunities, and appropriate longer term development for individual reserves.

It is important to note that the planned outcomes for reserves are policies and are to be read with the other policies in Volume I of this Plan.  The section on policy hierarchy in "How to use this Document" (in Part One) explains the relationship, and that all of the policies in  Part Two - General Policy and Part Three - Activity Management Categories of the Plan are subject to the specific planned outcomes for each reserve.