Policies and Bylaw

Part One - Introduction

Porirua City Council (Council) is responsible for managing open space, and administering parks and reserves in accordance with the Reserves Act 1977 (the Act). Parks and reserves are a major contributor to health, and to social and cultural wellbeing.  They also support economic development.

In 2011 there were 954 hectares of reserves and open space in Porirua, in over 600 land parcels, including 765 hectares of classified reserve.  This includes 53 winter sports fields, 35 courts, 6 skate parks, 2 public swimming pools, and 47 children's playgrounds.  The Council manages a mix of reserve types, including recreation and scenic reserves, and local purpose reserves managed for their environmental, landscape or other values.

Reserve management plans enable the Council to establish the desired mix of uses and activities for reserves, and to set in place policy to guide day to day management.

Although not required by the Act, local purpose reserves and other land owned by Council may be included in a plan if Council wishes.  The management of unclassified reserves can be guided by the Plan, but the Plan is not legally binding for such reserves, except where it is supported by bylaws or other statutory instruments.  Council has decided that this Plan will cover all land that is owned or administered by the Porirua City Council as reserve or open space.

This Plan was approved by Council on 22 September 2013.