Ascot Park



Primary Purpose of Reserve?


Values & Outcomes

Heritage Values?


Natural Values?

106 (E2A1) Narrow riparian strip of exotic conifers and scant understory of regenerating natives between sports field and school.

107 (E2A1) Regenerating kanuka forest.

101 (Potential) Revegetation and regeneration.

Woodland Trees.

Grass and flowers.

Recreation Values?

Field sports and court sports, kiliketi.

Informal cycle path, adjacent to mountain bike park.

Children's play space.

Connections - recreational, walking/cycling/commuting part of city pathway network between Whitby and the city centre.

Other Values and Information?

This is a Crown Derived Reserve, excluding Lot 2 DP 45804 and Lot 17 DP 324508.

Connections - ecological, harbour to Pauatahanui inlet.

Adjacent to Conclusion Walkway and Staithes Scenic Reserve.

Aesthetics, ambience.

Utilities (Critical): GWRC Bulk Water Supply.

Utilities (Important): Water Supply, Sewer, Stormwater.

Outcomes Sought?

1.  Continue to encourage active sports, recreation and children's play, through the provision of sports fields, artificial sports surfaces, hard courts and ancillary facilities that support play spaces.  Maintain the amenity landscape.

2.  Maintain recreational walking and cycling connections.

3.  As funding opportunities allow, develop children's play space and equipment further as a community play space, further recreation connections between Bothamley Park and Whitby, and further parking.

4. Protect the natural values of regenerating bush, kanuka forest, and riparian vegetation through animal and weed pest control and natural regeneration.  Safeguard the reserve's ecological connections between the Harbour and Pauatahanui Inlet.

5. Consider as appropriate, the development of club buildings, auxiliary to the artificial turf, provided this does not restrict public access.



Appellation?Reserve Act Classification
Lot 1 DP 45804Recreation Reserve
Lot 2 DP 45804Recreation Reserve
Lot 2 DP 47519Recreation Reserve
Lot 2 DP 47244Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 17 DP 324508Local Purpose Reserve (Fitness Trail)
Lot 6 DP 47245Recreation Reserve
Lot 3 DP 47245Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 3 DP 47520Unclassified Recreation Reserve

Parcel Area (ha)?



Reserves Act Classification?

District Plan Zones?

Ground Shaking?


Landslide Susceptibility ?


Tsunami Evacuation Zone?


Liquefaction Zone?



Vodafone Cellphone Tower, Kordia Limited. 

Easement to GWRC for water mains.