Bothamley Park


Values & Outcomes

Heritage Values?


Natural Values?

Kenepuru Stream is a significant waterway within a Landscape Protection Area.

Ecological links between Porirua Harbour, Pauatahanui Inlet  and Belmont regional park.

Woodland trees.

GWRC Key Native Ecosystem.

30 (E1A1) Vegetated margins of Kenepuru Stream. Contains a range of habitats but mainly regenerating broadleaved scrub and treeland with stands of emergent totara, pines, gums, willows and macrocarpa.

Recreation Values?

Walking, cycling, picnics, natural play opportunities. 

Grand Traverse event.

Other Values and Information?

Lot 232 DP 31478 is a Crown Derived Reserve.

Subject to 1980 Watercourse Agreement with Greater Wellington Regional Council.

Dog Exercise Area.

Suburb-to-suburb and city centre connections.

Utilities (Critical): GWRC Bulk Water Supply.

Utilities (Important): Water Supply, Sewer, Stormwater.

Utilities (non-PCC): Gas (above ground District Regulator Station).

(Lapsed) Designation for road between Aotea and Eastern Porirua.

Outcomes Sought?

1.  Protect Bothamley Park as the "Green Heart" of Porirua, and its 2nd largest reserve.

Natural Heritage

2.  Protect key 'green' ecological connections stretching from Belmont Regional Park and the Hutt Valley through to Porirua Harbour.  Manage the reserve as a 'green' buffer between catchments draining to the Porirua Harbour and Pauatahanui Inlet, from urban land uses in eastern Porirua and the Aotea block.

3.  Protect natural bush values to promote healthy ecological functioning, through plant pest control efforts.  Enable the natural regeneration of other bush vegetation in the Park, with a view to realising the potential for regionally significant ecological values.

4. Protect the riparian values to promote healthy water and streamside functioning of Kenepuru Stream and its tributaries, including through riverbank stabilisation, pest control and planting restoration.  Undertake additional riparian planting as opportunities arise, to improve in-stream habitat.  Manage drainage to ensure that there is no contamination of the waterway.

5. Monitor woodland trees on the true left of Keneperu Stream for health and safety, and remove as necessary. Replant for visual amenity, shade and shelter.

6.  Encourage community involvement and education through ecological restoration projects.

7.  Protect high landscape values through cautious management of land disturbance and structures.


8.  Continue to encourage high levels of casual recreation and landscape appreciation, by providing easy access walking and cycling opportunities to and along the Old Road spine, amenity open spaces and facilities, in accordance with the Bothamley Park Development Plan.

9. Provide directional signage to identify tracks and access points and informative signage to display information about the restrictions in the Reserve. 

10.  Allow organised events such as the Grand Traverse.

11.  Protect and enhance practical recreation linkages between Ranui, Cannons Creek, Waitangirua, Ascot Park, Whitby and Aotea communities.  Protect walking/cycling commuter connections to Porirua city.

12.  Retain the Dog Exercise Area.

13. Prohibit Motorcycles from the Reserve.


14. Consider as potentially appropriate the installation of a new stormwater pipe to Keneperu Stream from Hereford Street to reduce the volume and velocity of stormwater entering the stream from the existing stormwater outlet from York Place.

Hazard Management

15. Allow Greater Wellington Regional Council to access and maintain the Kenepuru Stream for the purposes of flood hazard management.



AppellationReserve Act Classification
Lot 1 DP 53736Recreation Reserve
Lot 1 DP 53734Recreation Reserve
Lot 1 DP 53735Unclassified Local Purpose Reserve (Road and Plantation)
Lot 1 DP 74452Recreation Reserve
Lot 232 DP 31478Recreation Reserve
Lot 211 DP 343654Recreation Reserve
Lot 2 DP 371891Recreation Reserve
Lot 201 DP 387624Recreation Reserve
Lot 202 DP 394178Local Purpose Reserve (Environment and Landscape Protection)
Lot 2 DP 352503Recreation Reserve
Lot 4 DP 352503Recreation Reserve
Lot 203 DP 405897Recreation Reserve
Lot 1 DP 74452Recreation Reserve
Lot 1 DP 31582Fee Simple
Lot 2 DP 53736Unclassified Recreation Reserve
Lot 1 DP 35097Unclassified Recreation Reserve
Sec 1 SO 27110Unclassified Recreation Reserve
Sec 1 SO 485063Unclassified Recreation Reserve
Sec 2 SO 485063Unclassified Recreation Reserve

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Reserves Act Classification?

District Plan Zones?

Ground Shaking?


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Tsunami Evacuation Zone?


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