Gear Homestead Reserve



Primary Purpose of Reserve?


Values & Outcomes

Heritage Values?

JB35, Historic Places Category 2, HIDB 3.

Otherwise known as Okowai, Gear Homestead was built by James Gear (Gear Meat Preserving and Freezing Company)  in 1887. The house, gardens and remnant estate (including outbuildings)  retain a strong sense of the days of Gear tenure.  Peter Jackson used it as the main set for his film “Bad Taste”.

Natural Values?

Woodland trees.

GWRC Key Native Ecosystem. 

8 E1_A1 Tall introduced and native forest surrounding Gear Homestead. Predominately pine and macrocarpa forest with good native understorey vegetation but also contains small gullies with remnant kohekohe forest.

Recreation Values?

Walking, social gatherings, arts.

Active (commercial) recreation - Adrenalin Forest.

Other Values and Information?

This is not a Crown Derived Reserve. 

Amenity gardens.

Functions facility.

Pottery and art venue.

Utilities (Important): Sewer.

Utilities (Minor): Water Supply, Stormwater.

Outcomes Sought?

1.  Manage the historic values as a Historic Heritage Zone within the reserve.

2.  Outside of the Historic Heritage Zone, protect the significant natural values through animal and plant pest management, enabling natural regeneration.

3.  Allow commercial recreation operations that are compatible with the protection of public access, and are not detrimental to the natural and historic values.

4. As the reserve has evidence of pre 1900 human activity, an archaeological authority for any subsurface works will be required from Heritage New Zealand. 

Historic Heritage Zone A

5.  Manage to protect historic heritage values, including the trees, outbuildings, parking, bush tracks, gardens, and historic landscape, through cautious management of land disturbance and structures.  Improve signage interpretation of historic values to enhance heritage appreciation opportunities.

6.  Enable commercial use of the house building as a function venue, to the extent compatible with protection of the historic values.  Retain public access for daytime use.  Allow exclusive use after hours as a managed activity.

7.  Consider the areas around the house building as suitable for multiple community uses and informal recreation, to the extent compatible with protection of the historic values and daytime public access to open spaces.

8.  Improve walkway opportunities, and interpretation signage relating to the heritage gardens and buildings.

9.  Prohibit any development that is not in keeping with the historic character of the site.



AppellationReserve Act Classification
Lot 1 DP 54351Recreation Reserve

Parcel Area (ha)?




Reserves Act Classification?

District Plan Zones?

Ground Shaking?


Landslide Susceptibility ?


Tsunami Evacuation Zone?


Liquefaction Zone?



Adrenalin Forest.

Gear Woolshed Potters.

Gear Woolshed Attic Group.