Muri Reserve



Primary Purpose of Reserve?


Values & Outcomes

Heritage Values?

Maori Right of Way on Title.

Natural Values?

Gully at head of Haunui Stream.

16 (E2A1)   Rautahi sedgeland under a manuka scrub canopy.

68  (E1A1) Kanuka, exotics and non-local natives.

Recreation Values?

Casual recreation.

Other Values and Information?

This is not a Crown Derived Reserve. 

Dog Exercise Area.

Utilities (Minor): Stormwater.

A covenant on the CT of 70 Seavista Drive restricts the height of vegetation/development on Lot 7 DP 50730.

Outcomes Sought?

1.  Manage as two zones, Amenity Zone (A), and Natural Zone (B).

2.  Recognise and raise awareness of cultural heritage values through interpretation signage and careful management of land disturbance.

3.  As funding allows, improve access from Muri Rd and Sea Vista Rd.

Amenity Zone (A)

4.  Work with the community through the Village Plan programme on amenity development initiatives.

5.  Encourage casual recreation and natural play opportunities by retaining the flat open grassy area and natural play spaces, and by providing a natural venue for appropriate community events.

6.  Allow for improved amenity and play opportunities that are sympathetic to the natural and open space amenity values.

7.  Enable community gardens or orchards in places that do not affect the natural and open space/kick-around amenity values.

8.  Retain Dog Exercise Area.


Natural Zone (B)

9. Allow for casual recreation and play opportunities provided that these are in keeping with the other outcomes of the Natural Zone.

10.  Retain the vegetated natural landscape character of the rail corridor.

11.  Protect manuka scrub and sedgeland values to achieve healthy ecological functioning, through wetland protection, natural regeneration, pest control and removal of stock.

12.  Protect the stream connections, and improve riparian plantings to manage stream erosion, improve water quality and increase stream shading.



AppellationReserve Act Classification
Lot 7 DP 50730Recreation Reserve
Lot 4 DP 84144Local Purpose Reserve (Accessway)
Sec 17 Blk V Paekakariki SDRecreation Reserve
Sec 16 Blk V Paekakariki SDRecreation Reserve
Lot 8 DP 50730Recreation Reserve

Parcel Area (ha)?




Reserves Act Classification?

District Plan Zones?

Ground Shaking?


Landslide Susceptibility ?


Tsunami Evacuation Zone?


Liquefaction Zone?