Plimmerton Domain


Values & Outcomes

Heritage Values?

HIDB 83, Tapu Site.

Associated with Taupo Pa.  Also associated with the early flax industry; different species were planted to support this industry.

Natural Values?

Woodland trees.

15 (E1A1) Lower Taupo Swamp and Taupo Stream. Contains distinctive wetland habitats as well as the riparian margin on the lower stream.

Crucial link between internationally significant Taupo Swamp and sea. High diversity of freshwater fish. Represents ecosystems that are rare, threatened and distinctive in Porirua City. Includes sensitive riparian area. Important ecosystem services in filtering nutrients and buffering floodwaters from Taupo catchment.

Recreation Values?

Mixed sports - archery, croquet and field sports. Informal kickabout opportunity, dog walking. Walking and cycling  (Part of the Ara Harakeke route). Casual event space.  Recreational use of reserve buildings.

Other Values and Information?

Pt Lot 67 DP 17993 and Pt Sec 1 SO 35263 and Pt Sec 1 SO 36405 are Crown Derived Reserves.

Subject to 1980 Watercourse Agreement with Greater Wellington Regional Council. 

Utilities (Important): Water Supply, Stormwater.

Utilities (Critical): Sewer, GWRC Bulk Water Supply. Use of reserve buildings. Commercial lease.

Outcomes Sought?

1.  Manage as three zones:

Zone A – Amenity

Zone B – Active Recreation

Zone C – Natural


All zones

2.  Protect historic and cultural heritage values, including the wahi tapu associated with Taupo Pa, through cautious management of land disturbance and structure proposals.   Assume any development proposal may impact on cultural values.

3.  Protect Te Ara Harakeke walking connections within the reserve.  Maintain safe access and commuter connections.

4.  Maintain the existing flood management regime, and advocate for stormwater-neutrality in regard to any future subdivision in the immediate catchment of the reserve.

5. Allow Greater Wellington Regional Council to assess and maintain watercourses for the purposes of flood hazard management.

6.  Prohibit dogs from playing fields.


Amenity Zone A

7.  Maintain open space values by restricting the footprint of any buildings associated with authorised commercial activities.


Active Recreation Zone B

8. Encourage active recreation by providing extensive open grassed spaces suitable for mixed sports use, and enabling casual use of the open space for community events.

9.  Maintain archery opportunities.

10.  Consider multiple-use buildings, and facilities that maximise the recreational amenity for this zone.

11.  Provide shared recreation/commuter car parking without further limiting recreational use of open space.


Natural Zone C

12. Protect the significant natural values associated with Taupo Swamp and Taupo Stream, to achieve healthy ecological functioning and to safeguard ecological connections.  Undertake plant and animal pest management, and additional riparian planting as opportunities arise, to improve in-stream habitat.  Manage drainage to ensure that there is no contamination of the waterway.

13. Consider reclassification of Natural Zone to Scenic A.



AppellationReserve Act Classification
Pt Lot 3 DP 79321Recreation Reserve
Lot 1 DP 87784Recreation Reserve
Lot 28 DP 344366Local Purpose Reserve (Environmental and Landscape Protection)
Lot 4 DP 87599Recreation Reserve
Pt Lot 1 DP 54525Recreation Reserve
Pt Lot 67 DP 17993Recreation Reserve
Pt Sec 1 SO 35263Recreation Reserve
Pt Sec 1 SO 36405Recreation Reserve
Lot 3 DP 325693Local Purpose Reserve (Esplanade)
Lot 4 DP 325693Local Purpose Reserve (Esplanade)
Lot 5 DP 325693Local Purpose Reserve (Esplanade)
Lot 6 DP 325693Local Purpose Reserve (Esplanade)

Parcel Area (ha)?




Reserves Act Classification?

District Plan Zones?

Ground Shaking?


Landslide Susceptibility ?


Tsunami Evacuation Zone?


Liquefaction Zone?



Mana Arts Society, Mana Archery, Boys Brigade, Big Mac Slab Furniture, Plimmerton Croquet Club, Water and Drainage Easement, Greater Wellington commuter car parking.