Porirua Scenic Reserve



Primary Purpose of Reserve?

Values & Outcomes

Heritage Values?

Archaeological site (prehistoric, Aparangi St vicinity).

Cultural Harvest of plant material for rongoa Maori.

Long historic association with Takapuwahia.

Known as Prosser's Bush late 19C/early 20C.

Relics of tramway lines and benched tracks.

Natural Values?

Part of largest remnant of native vegetation in Porirua Basin. Within Landscape Protection Area, part of Western Green Belt, connected to Pikarere farmland, Rangituhi/Colonial Knob Scenic Reserve, Te Rahui o Rangituhi and Spicer Botanical Park.

Woodland trees.

GWRC Key Native Ecosystem.

42 (E1A1) Large tract of podocarp-broadleaved forest, regenerating scrub and low forest.  Diverse with several locally rare plant and animal species.

Recreation Values?

Walking, nature experience, scenic views.

Part of Grand Traverse Route.

Other Values and Information?

Sec 103 Blk I Belmont SD and Sec 98 Blk I Belmont SD are Crown Derived Reserves. 

Utilities (Important): Sewer, Stormwater.

Educational and scientific vegetation values.

Resource for Camp Elsdon.

Aesthetic value.

Outcomes Sought?


1. Integrate the management of vegetation, green open spaces, and pathway connections, in reserves making up the western green spine of Porirua.

2. Secure protection of ecologically connected native vegetation as opportunities arise.

3. Improve ecological values by remedying encroachments.


Natural heritage

4. Protect the significant remnant forest values for biodiversity and ecological functioning through animal and weed pest control and natural regeneration.  Protect the reserve-to-reserve bush connections, along with the scientific and educational vegetation values of the reserve.

5. Monitor biological (vegetation) trends, condition and viability.

6. Consider supporting volunteer community conservation projects and programmes.

Historic and Cultural heritage

7. Safeguard the historic and cultural heritage values, and the significant landscape values of the reserve as a green backdrop to the CBD, through careful management of physical developments.

8. Enable cultural harvest of plant material for rongoa Maori.

9. Undertake research into the nature of (and threats to) historic values.  If necessary, prepare a detailed plan for the preservation, protection and management of heritage sites as a result.  Consult Ngati Toa with a view to appropriate identification and protection of wahi tapu and other spiritual/cultural significant sites.


Access and Recreational use

10.  Provide opportunities for casual recreation including walking, experience of natural green spaces, and for natural / amenity landscape appreciation.  Explore options for a pathway network connecting Porirua Scenic Reserve with Rukutane Pt., Stuart Park, Titahi Bay and Whitireia Park.  Consider appropriate a shared single track for walking and mountain bikes to connect Te Rahui o Rangithui to Titahi Bay. Maintain and enhance existing pathway connections with Te Rahui o Rangituhi.

11. Continue to support the annual Grand Traverse as an appropriate recreational use of the reserve.

12. Continue to provide picnicking opportunities at Aparangi, Waiho and Rangituhi entrances.

13. Prohibit dogs.

14. Consider Agreements with external providers as potentially appropriate means of providing for conservation education and guided walking opportunities.



Appellation?Reserve Act Classification
Lot 6 DP 90822Scenic 'B' Reserve
Sec 103 Blk I Belmont SDScenic 'A' Reserve
Sec 98 Blk I Belmont SDScenic 'A' Reserve
Pt Sec 65 SO 36648Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 48 DP 32001Local Purpose Reserve (Accessway)
Lot 3 DP 20073Scenic 'B' Reserve

Parcel Area (ha)?



Reserves Act Classification?

District Plan Zones?

Ground Shaking?


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Tsunami Evacuation Zone?


Liquefaction Zone?