Spinnaker Reserve



Primary Purpose of Reserve?


Values & Outcomes

Heritage Values?

Site for Sister City (Nishio) planting of Sakura Cherry trees, c.1998.

Natural Values?

Woodland trees.

GWRC Key Native Ecosystem.

26 (E1A1).

Predominately regenerating kanuka-manuka scrub, after pine clearance, but also contains a small remnant of kohekohe-wharangi forest. Significant area has been revegetated. Stream, and native fish (inanga).

Recreation Values?

Walking, cycling, sightseeing, amenity landscape.

Part of Whitby Walkways.

Other Values and Information?

This is a Crown Derived Reserve, excluding Lot 1 DP 52579.

Dog Exercise Area.

Utilities (Critical): Water Supply (reservoir).

Utilities (Important): Sewer, Stormwater.

Outcomes Sought?

1. Protect the natural remnant forest and riparian and stream areas, by promoting healthy ecological functioning through animal and plant pest control and by enabling natural regeneration.  Protect existing regenerated areas and revegetation planting, and undertake additional riparian planting as funding opportunities allow to enhance erosion reduction, fish spawning habitat, and amenity values.   Ensure that land management does not introduce contaminants to the waterway.

2. Protect commemorative (sister city) Sakura Cherry tree plantings.

3. Continue to encourage casual recreation by maintaining amenity open spaces, natural landscapes, and pathways.  Enhance the hilltop lookout as funding opportunities allow.

4. Protect reserve-to-reserve, street-to-street, Whitby walkway network and ecological connections.

5. Consider as potentially appropriate the installation of a new underground valve chamber for the existing water reservoir to meet critical water infrastructure requirements.

6. Retain the Dog Exercise Area.



AppellationReserve Act Classification
Lot 1 DP 43046Scenic 'A' Reserve
Lot 1 DP 43798Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 1 DP 44041Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 1 DP 46008Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 1 DP 47034Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 2 DP 44042Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 254 DP 34183Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 3 DP 43801Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 3 DP 47035Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 5 DP 47036Acquired for a sewage pumping station
Lot 7 DP 47037Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 9 DP 47033Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 1 DP 43702Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 1 DP 52579Scenic 'B' Reserve

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Reserves Act Classification?

District Plan Zones?

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Tsunami Evacuation Zone?


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