Stuart Park



Primary Purpose of Reserve?


Values & Outcomes

Heritage Values?

JB30, HIDB 84  Prehistoric and historic archaeological sites (terraces, cultivation, midden, and Korohiwa whaling station). A Ngati Ira pa was located at Korohiwa.  The whaling station (1830’s-1840s’) is a rare example of a mainland shore whaling station in the Wellington area (NZAA R27/147, Category 2-Register #6162).

Natural Values?

Within Landscape Protection Area.

28 (E1A1)

GWRC Key Native Ecosystem. 

Regenerating ngaio-mahoe bush within gorse-dominated scrub.  Contains stream with native fish.

Recreation Values?

Walking, horse riding. 

Dog Exercise Area.


Access to beach.

Other Values and Information?

Lot 18 DP 20929, Sec 364 Porirua DIST and Sec 374 Porirua DIST are Crown Derived Reserves.

Views, aesthetics.

Utilities (Critical): Sewer.

Utilities (Important): Sewer, Stormwater.

Utilities (Minor): Water Supply.

Outcomes Sought?

1. Integrate management of Stuart Park and Stuart Park extension, securing Recreation Reserve classification for the extension.

2. Protect and preserve the significant archaeological heritage sites.

3. As the reserve has evidence of pre 1900 human activity, an archaeological authority for any subsurface works will be required from Heritage New Zealand..

4. Safeguard the significant open space landscape values.  Restore ecological values and rare plants, by implementing the Titahi Bay Beach Restoration Plan where relevant to Stuart Park.

5. Protect natural values for healthy land and stream ecological functioning, through animal pest and weed control, natural regeneration and restoration planting.

6. Investigate the barriers to fish movements within waterways and options for rehabilitation of the stream mouth to improve fish passage.

7. Retain casual recreation opportunities for walking and landscape appreciation.

8. Continue to provide a Dog Exercise Area, and to allow horse access and horse riding.



Appellation?Reserve Act Classification
Lot 5 DP 62407Local Purpose Reserve (Esplanade)
Lot 18 DP 20929Recreation Reserve
Lot 44 DP 48429Recreation Reserve
Lot 65 DP 50600Scenic 'B' Reserve
Sec 364 Porirua DISTScenic 'B' Reserve
Sec 374 Porirua DISTScenic 'B' Reserve

Parcel Area (ha)?




Reserves Act Classification?

District Plan Zones?

Ground Shaking?


Landslide Susceptibility ?


Tsunami Evacuation Zone?


Liquefaction Zone?