Victory Park

Victory Park, Plimmerton.


Primary Purpose of Reserve?


Values & Outcomes

Heritage Values?

JC35, HHB013, HHS019,Tapu Site.

Site of Taupo Pa.

Pavilion has high social value rather than any architectural value.

Natural Values?


Recreation Values?

High casual use of playground and amenity facilities. Connections to beach, tennis courts, shops.

Other Values and Information?

This is a Crown Derived Reserve. 

Strong community focus.

High use of reserve buildings.

Utilities (Minor): Stormwater.

Outcomes Sought?

1. Encourage on-going high levels of casual community use of the reserve, through enabling community uses of buildings, and by retaining easy access pathways, parking and amenity open space.

2. Encourage active children's play, by providing an easily accessed play space with appropriate supporting facilities.

3. Improve safety of the thoroughfare using CPTED practices.  Retain street-to-street and reserve-to-reserve connections, along with existing easy access to the beach.

4.  Safeguard the cultural heritage values through cautious management of any land disturbance or structure proposals. Protect cultural values by directing public access in a way that avoids any adverse impacts on the adjacent burial ground.  Note that Council has agreed that the urupa on the reserve will be part of the Ngati Toa Treaty Settlement offer.

5.  Safeguard the significant coastal view connections, and the amenity garden values of the reserve through careful landscape, structure and garden management.

6.  Provision of services by external providers may be an appropriate means of achieving these outcomes.



AppellationReserve Act Classification
Sec 1 SO 443344Local Purpose Reserve (Community Buildings)
Sec 2 SO 443344Local Purpose Reserve (Community Buildings)

Parcel Area (ha)?



Reserves Act Classification?

District Plan Zones?

Ground Shaking?


Landslide Susceptibility ?


Tsunami Evacuation Zone?


Liquefaction Zone?



Mana Little Theatre (RLE0005).