Whitby Upper Lake Reserve

Whitby Upper Lake Reserve, Whitby.


Primary Purpose of Reserve?


Values & Outcomes

Heritage Values?


Natural Values?


92 (E1A1) Remnant kanuka and broadleaf forest including amenity planting around man-made lake. Lakeside vegetation rare. Provides wildlife habitat and protection from flooding.

Recreation Values?

Walking,coarse fishing.

Landscape appreciation.

Other Values and Information?

Lot 5 DP 52513 and Lot 6 DP 52515 are Crown Derived Reserves. 

Scenic landscape.

Connections - street-to-street, ecological.

Utilities (Important): Sewer, Stormwater.

Outcomes Sought?

1.  Encourage casual recreation by providing walking and landscape appreciation opportunities, retaining high amenity landscape, natural play spaces and open space, formed walkways and amenity planting.  Improve the landscape relationship between open space and the lake, to encourage use and enjoyment of the reserve.

2.  Retain existing reserve-to-reserve, walkway, street-to-street and ecological connections, however limit connections between Adventure School and the reserve pathway to existing connections.

3.  Continue to encourage water-based (non-contact) recreation by supporting coarse (catch and release) fishing of tench and perch in accordance with relevant legislation, and by enabling model boating and informal non-contact water play.

4.  Prohibit removal of fish from the reserve except in accordance with pest fish control operations.  Prohibit the introduction of additional fish to the lake, unless in accordance with existing agreements and legal requirements.

5.  Protect the natural values of the lake, and improve ecological functioning of the lake over time, through weed control and natural regeneration, supplemented by planting for erosion reduction, fish spawning habitat, and amenity values.  Ensure that land management avoids introducing contaminants to the lake.

6. Undertake an eradication programme for illegally liberated pest fish (such as rudd, koi carp, and gambusia), to improve ecological functioning of the lake and to prevent spread into Duck Creek or other water bodies.

7. Control nuisance aquatic plants (eg. oxygen weeds Lagarosiphon and Elodea spp.) through injection of an appropriate herbicide in gel form.

8. Enable the lake levels to be lowered as necessary to allow for dredging and the mechanical removal of litter, vegetation and other debris.

9.  Protect the surrounding vegetation and remnant forest values, promoting healthy ecological functioning through animal and plant pest control and natural regeneration.   Replacement of exotic plantings should be with eco-sourced native plants, prioritising replacement of suckering trees (such as sycamore almus) as funding opportunities allow.

10.  Prohibit dogs from the Whitby Upper Lake Reserve.

11. Maintain liquor ban.



Appellation?Reserve Act Classification
Lot 1 DP 52514Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 1 DP 58180Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 2 DP 53935Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 2 DP 56471Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 5 DP 52513Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 6 DP 52515Scenic 'B' Reserve
Lot 6 DP 58749Scenic 'B' Reserve

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